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Life of Pi (2012), the Movie

December 11, 2012

Some people say, write it when it’s (still) hot.

I am here, trying to do it. But due to the lack of vocabulary-mastery, I’m sorry if this review does not do any justice towards the film’s real value.

Life of Pi (2012)

Life of Pi (2012)

Last Monday, I went to movie theater to watch Life of Pi (2012). It’s a 3D film, so I had to put extra 3D glasses to maximise the visual effect. Plus, it was my first 3D film. Don’t hate. There should be first for everything, and I’m glad I picked this film to begin my 3D film-journey.

This film is visualised based on Yann Martel’s book, with the same title “Life of Pi”. I have read the book, but it was years ago. I bought the book in 2009, I think. And I love it. It has two point of views in building whole stories: from Pi’s point of view himself, and from Yann Martel as the author/writer. The conversations are witty; some funny, even. But unfortunately, I’ve already forgotten most of the story details–that’s why I choose to review the film here, aside of the book.


This is quite embarrassing but I cried most of the time while watching this film.

Some scenes are just too emotional. Like the moment when Pi Patel persistently trying to convince the whole member of his school that people should call him “Pi” instead of “Piscine”. He stated how he hated being called “Piscine”, cause it sounds like “Pissing”, or “peeing”. Makes any kids uncomfortable when people make fun of their names. I wanted to yell when Pi Patel tried to introduce his name by mentioning all the Pi digits during math class. He spent boards and boards to write the numbers of Pi.

Because this film tells about the journey of a young man in the sea with animals, it shows many scenes involving animals. You know what? It IS amazing. Since it’s 3D film, the film tries to visualise the life in the zoo, forest, the sea, the sky. I could not stop “Oooohhhh” and “aaahhhhh”-ing when the film showed me the marvelous creatures of the sea, or the view of the deep Pacific Ocean. I can not stop wondering why would people laugh during some scenes, like when the tiger (Richard Parker) was hungry, or when Pi escaped from sinking ship with 3 animals and the animals were fighting to settle their territory/emotions. It was sad, okay. It was not funny. But again, for each is their own, and we have different perspectives toward the things we witness, so I guess I can tolerate that. A bit.

You know what else makes me teary and having goosebumps?

The soundtrack(s).

My mind suddenly wandered to India when the film was starting. Soothing, relaxing tune to start the viewers’ imaginations. The opening soundtrack was too beautiful for words. That was just perfect. While we were given scenes of the life in the zoo, we heard soundtrack which made us think of India. So beautiful. (By the way, as I’m typing this post, I keep listening to Life of Pi’s opening soundtrack. Goosebumps again. I feel like crying hahahahah).

My friend said that Pi’s journey in Pacific Ocean was not covered justly, or long enough. I kind of agree with him but keeping the film’s duration to cover whole stories of the book seems hard. Because every bits in pieces in the story is important, so the director must have the eye for picking the right and perfect story to come up with.

Life of Pi claims that Pi Patel’s story is the kind of story which will make you believe in God. The story uses philosophical approach by raising the question like “Who is God”, “Does he exist”, “should we believe in God/religion”. Some horrible things were told to happen here, so the search of God was begun. Will you still believe in Him, even after all of these bad things? Will you hold on your religious values, even when people say it’s weird or irrational?

Life of Pi (as both book and film) offers so many lessons about bravery, faith, and the love to nature/animals/other creatures. Instead of taking animals as means of entertainment, we should take them also as God’s creature. Respecting them.

I can’t tell anymore, I guess. Can’t even get myself to move on after watching such beautiful film. I might watch this film again, so beautiful. If you haven’t watched this film, you should! I give this film 4.5 of 5 stars, because of its beauty, the emotional stories it carries, the lessons of faith-bravery-and love, and of course for its beautiful soundtrack.

I hope you enjoy reading my review, I welcome any feedbacks/suggestions/inputs.

Thank you 🙂

– Puspa

P.S.: for further enjoyment, you may want to listen to this, esp. Pi’s lullaby. You’re welcome.