on being a mother

This is the first time after a very long time for me to blog. To dedicate a specific amount of time to write. As you know, I’m not much of a planner; nor a good writer. I just write whatever words crossing in my mind. So here it goes:

  • Been spending nearly 11 months being a mother for my son, Gesang. If you know me in person, I bet you wouldn’t guess I can mother a child. Truthfully, I’m still learning to be a good mother.
  • If you ask me how and what raising a child feels like, I don’t know. I don’t think there’ll be equal comparison to describe how this is like. It’s nice to have someone who adores you -much- Too much, even. But there will be times you want to spend by yourselves, just to regain consciousness of who you are, as an individual. You know what I mean? Sometimes in the middle of your motherhood ‘session’ you will miss the time you used to spend just to do nothing, maybe. (Cause I do).
  • My son is a bundle of joy. Everyone keeps saying how he looks like me. I take it as a compliment, considering how handsome he is and how plump his lips are (he even has parted lips like Jolie! 😀 ) Oh almost forgot to share about his birth. Maybe I will share this another time when I’m completely prepared. He was born in June 12th. It was Friday at 7 am. Weighed 3.3 kgs, 50 cms long (tall?). I thought he would weigh around 3 kgs only since my obsgyn told me that my baby wasn’t so big. When he finally came out of me, I was surprised in feeling how big he was (as a baby), and how long he was hahahahahah. I was like *smiling* *teary* “HHhheeeeiiiiiiii..” that’s all. Hahahahahahahah. The father cried a little and asked me if it was okay to take our pic during IMD (my husband still cried -joyous tears- few days after Gesang was born and I find it funny).
    I’m lucky to have Gesang. He is just like what I’d imagined when he was still in my tummy. He is a funny bebe and smile-y, happy and healthy. Curious and calm. He makes us, the parents, smile.
  • <<<<<<<Getting ‘I-don’t know-what else to write’ jitters>>>>>>>
  • <<<<<<<Staring at laptop screen so hard I might make my eyeballs jump>>>>>>>

I think that’s all? I can’t write much since this is my first post after a long period of hiatus. I’ll write regularly. Partly cause I miss writing, and the rest because my husband wants to read my story on my blog (HI HUSBAND *wave* *wave* *waveeee*)




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