Dear Diary,

Just cleaned out my desk and found some interesting files worth re-reading. Some of them were from old friends in college. One of them thank me for lending some books and wished me a happy birthday. The other one, used to be a somewhat close friend of mine. We used to hang out together, but apparently around the period when the letter was sent to me, I didn’t hang out that much with this friend anymore. I assumed that time I sent her an apologetical letter, saying sorry for not going out much. This friend tried to analyze my characters and telling me that I’m the kind of person who does not like sharing problems much, and I enjoy solitude. Hm, maybe a bit too much of it 😆

dear diary


There was a green little diary with little padlock attached on it. It was a cute one. I remember my mother gave it to me when I was in first year of college. I was so naive. Talking about my daily activities, relationship with friends, and past-time crushes (one of my past-time crushes happens to be my current bf, btw ♥). Where was I? Sorry, just read some weird articles on internet teehee.

Um, SO. Thing is, I have large space for remembering weird, useless stuffs (things most people think less-important and trivial), and I have pack rat tendencies, so yeah, I mostly remember things. There are some things in our lives that are worth remembered and kept, and the rest are forgotten. I know that well, but my brain has its own chain of commands. We (me and my system) hoard memories. Happy or sad ones, maybe less important stuffs too.

I wonder if other people will remember me just as I remember each of them. I hope what they remember about me will be good ones.


One Response to “Dear Diary,”

  1. airaaamrina Says:

    Hi, can I get your permission to use the image of “dear diary” to be my blog header? I like it very much 🙂

    Thank you.

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