New hope.

I don’t know what makes me have the urge to post an entry here, and why. I just had my morning coffee and told myself, why don’t I visit my one and only blog I love? (Yes, I just deleted my other wordpress site cause I messed up its setting).

I feel hopeful with my future. Things are not easy, but I’m working for it. I really am. Rasanya udah lama banget nggak ngerasa hopeful sama diri sendiri, but I decide this time will be different. I will not let anyone, any negative comments come in my way. People–whoever–can give criticism and feedbacks but still, I have complete control of my decisions. Kali ini beda. Well, at least that’s what I expect from myself ^^

Kalo lama ga ngeblog trus sekalinya ngeblog tuh rasanya emang agak sulit ya? Hehe (kode, mau mengakhiri tulisan).

Ga tau mau ngomongin apa lagi di sini. I actually have some diary entries I’d like to post here but I couldn’t seem to find it on my finder. I’ll be back soon, maybe write something in weekend.


– Puspa


One Response to “New hope.”

  1. Ferrial Pondrafi Says:

    wah akhirnya muncul juga mbak di blognya yg lama. 🙂
    berarti blog yg baru dah gak dilanjutin lagi donk?

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