What I usually do when I’m angry (on menstrual rage lol)


  • Listening to the saddest, most painful songs. My favorite: My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless. Continued with listening to songs with too many F words and cuss, too many that you almost can’t contain; my favorite: Limp Bizkit’s Chocolate Starfish and The Hot Dog Flavored Water OR Linkin’ Park’s Hybrid Theory. Continued with sluttiest hip hop songs you can find in whole universe, the more you can listen to dirty rap lyrics, the better; my favorite: 50 Cents’ songs: In Da Club, Lollipop, yeah sure those aren’t that dirty, but you can imagine.
  • Scream your heart out through writings. This works for me because I live in a peaceful neighborhood so screaming loudly is prohibited. You can alter this by writing things that hurt / disturb you, things that make you really angry.
  • Cry the shit out of you. You feel things, you can cry. This doesn’t mean you’re weak. You can feel. Celebrate it, whatever feelings coming out of you. Embrace it, feel it.
  • Turn off cellphone. Because you don’t know if the things people say will hurt you even more, OR you might take the liberty to hurt them with your words. Keep it to yourself, cause your anger is your privilege. Train yourself to tame it everytime it comes to you.
  • Exercise. Run, jog, move yourself. Get those endorphines your system is craving for. Working out is scientifically proven as an alternative to reduce stress since post working out your body will produce endorphines to combat stress/tension.
  • Sleep. Just like a worn out machine, you just vented the shit out of you, you need to doze off. Before doing this I usually eat my favorite foods like sweets or ice cream or yummy things but I am now quite incapable of managing myself to get such things, so I go directly to sleep.
  • Shopping, if you have money. I have told myself to allocate some money for emergency usage, and having emotional breakdown means I have the rights to use it too. I usually buy clothing items I’ve been wanting for some times. Or, underwear shopping. Getting new clothes makes me feel good about myself. You know that looking good is one of the best kinds of revenge.
  • If you are capable of going out, go out. Have an unusual long trip, go somewhere just by yourself, get the foods you like, read books you want, take long train trips and public transportation trips while listening to your favorite “on rage mix”. See things around you, enjoy scenery. Examine people. There are more things worth your thoughts and time, rather than prolonging your rage/anger.
  • After cooling down from your hatred, pray and turn on your phone cause who knows your loved ones worry about you. Tell them what’s going on and apologize for being weird.

Getting angry causes you to feel a bit funky, especially for girls who get menstrual syndrome (well, maybe that’s just me). Your anger is your privilege. That’s your system’s way to remind you that you can feel, therefore I don’t think suppressing it will be the best alternative to deal with it. You need to manage it, control it. As an outspoken person and a person who always gets to express feelings, I know I might sound a little overly know-how, but heey I’m trying and at some points aforementioned tips help me!


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