Giveaway Announcement! Wheeee!!

Hi everyone.

Seems like my current job requires me some extra time to adjust myself to the new activities and responsibilities. Sorry for the delay (again). I kept finding myself getting exhausted thus I could not process the giveaway announcement sooner.

Congratulations for Anas for winning my giveaway! I have sent you email about details of process, please reply it so I can send the gift as soon as possible 🙂

For those who question why I choose Anas’ essay to win this giveaway, because I love how simple it is written, and he makes me realize things: you can let sadness get you, but not get you down. Overall it’s a simple essay I like, and I like the point by point style Anas used in the essay. Once again, congratulations!

As for other contestants, thank you very much for joining the giveaway. I appreciate each and every kind and thoughtful things you tell me on your essays. I hope I’ll have something else to share so I can have another giveaway in the future ^^


– Puspa.


2 Responses to “Giveaway Announcement! Wheeee!!”

  1. Tiyo Kamtiyono Says:

    Big thanks Pus, that you decide to choose my essay 🙂 Hopefully that will be a good advise for both of us when we were down.

    This also bring me an idea to make a post about it on my blog 😆
    Hey, you always call me with my old-version-blogging name, that’s OK 🙂

  2. 6 Tips Membuang Galau dan Kesedihan di Hati Says:

    […] berbagai aktifitas di atas. Namun yang lebih penting, seperti yang disampaikan Puspa dalam posting pengumuman pemenang giveaway, bahwa kita boleh membiarkan hal buruk menimpa kita, tapi tidak membiarkannya menjatuhkan kita […]

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