Sorry, lovelies :(

Hi everyone.

First of all I’m so sorry for not being able to announce the winner. I am too exhausted to review some essays coming in to my email inbox. There are only four people joining my giveaway, actually ahahaha.. But I have to read each of them closely and I don’t think I’m at my best condition to do it. I’m exhausted, that’s it. So I will announce the winner by the end of this week, Sunday March 10th 2013. I will announce the winner on this blog, as well as contacting him/her personally to confirm things 🙂 Apologies for this delay, ok?

I am actually really sleepy but I need to finish an article cause I owe it to my editor, but I feel chatty so I’ll blog for a bit.

I have been through quite a lot these two months. Whining and complaining will make things worse, and I don’t see what’s the point of it anyway. I am crushed, and still crushed by what I used to refer that as the center of my life. God, I’m too exhausted to re-tell things. Even to think of some bad things have happened to me so far makes my eyes get heavier.

Whatever the things I’ve been through, I know it will eventually end. I will be good. I will be better. Then I’ll be in my best condition. The path I’m going to take and the journey I’m about to make are waiting. And with such long journey I need more energy to think things through. To strategise plans and foresee my near-future condition.

By the way, enough of serious things. (I just saw Anna Dello Russo’s printed suit, I think she should share half of her clothes in her closet to me –if  we have same size lol–). Other than that, do you know, I have subscribed to some news sites on my tab so I can read them while on the go, but I have yet the perfect time to read them all. It has, like, 900ish news? HAHAHAHA DIE. I need to resume my readings, all of them. I have left my Margaret Atwood waiting for me to finish it.

Do you believe that some day, I can be more than just who I am now?

Because I do, and I will make it happen. I am me, and I can do it.

Wish me luck, though 🙂


2 Responses to “Sorry, lovelies :(”

  1. arthaamalia Says:

    🙂 no problem

  2. arthaamalia Says:

    Oh well, i had little suggestion: please do not whine too often. God does not like it. Say thanks to God always, many people do not have a good chance as you

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