nucleardebris x floralandlaces’ giveaway!

Hello, faithful readers of my blog. I hope February treats you well 🙂

So I plan to have a giveaway for one of my readers/anyone here. I haven’t done this before, and I think this will be a good opportunity to get to know you more. I have this Casio A178 Silver, and I only wore it few times. No scratch, still in a good condition. Since it’s a unisex wristwatch, this contest is open for any of you who wants it. There is no personal reason behind this giveaway. Honestly, I have a bit too many wristwatches and I just want to give it to the person who really needs it. So it serves the purpose.

This giveaway might also be the token of friendship as well as gratitude, for keeping up with me. Reading/following my blog/twitter account.

There are some rules to follow, though. To win this giveaway, you must:

1. Live in Indonesia. Sorry, I have no money to send it internationally 😥

2. At least you have ever followed my twitter or read my blog. No, you don’t have to follow my twitter. I dislike the idea of forcing people to follow your twitter to give them something. It’s like buying people to follow you/bribery.

3. Write a 3 paragraphs of mini essay, and the theme is “Things which motivate you when you’re feeling down/sad.”
It must be no less than 300 words and in English please 🙂

4. If you’re done with it, send it to my email, hanandhita(dot)puspa(at)gmail(dot)com, with the subject: “nucleardebris x floralandlaces’ giveaway” followed by your name. Example: nucleardebris x floralandlaces’ giveaway – Puspa

5. I will close the giveaway on Sunday (March 3rd 2013) and announce it on Tuesday (March 5th 2013)

For the winner, you will get: the wristwatch, of course, its box and watch case, completed with certificate of its authenticity and warranty card. This giveaway is open for anyone as long as you know me/have ever read my blog/followed my twitter. You can win this giveaway and give the prize to whomever you want too! The idea of this giveaway is for me to get to know you more and to give this watch to the person who needs it more. So we’re both happy.

Should there be any other questions, you can tweet me @floralandlaces for immediate answers, or email me at the address given. I hope you have a lovely day(s) ahead of you, and good luck! ❤

– Puspa


2 Responses to “nucleardebris x floralandlaces’ giveaway!”

  1. Tiyo Kamtiyono Says:

    Wait for my email Pus, I will have a story for you, hehe.. 🙂

  2. 6 Tips Membuang Galau dan Kesedihan di Hati Says:

    […] Giveaway yang diadakan Puspa itu tidak mensyaratkan apa – apa, tidak harus membuat posting dengan link ke blog Puspa atau mengikuti twitternya. Setiap peserta hanya diminta mengirimkan sebuah essay via email dengan topik tentang hal yang memotivasi saat kita terpuruk dan sedih. […]

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