Jakarta, The Cabin In The Woods (2011), and some other random things: a long post

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, beloved readers of nucleardebris.

It’s been a month since my last post, and I’m quite unsure if any of you anxiously waits for my next post. Hashtag: miss nobody.

I have decided that today I’m going to blog my previous journey to Jakarta, Indonesians’ version of City Upon a Hill, the Promised Land, whatever. I will also blog about my film review, The Cabin In The Woods (2011), and some jotted thoughts about life in Jakarta.

Last September 6th I went to Jakarta to visit some friends. There were nothing to see there actually, except malls. Shopping centres, designers’ stores (I thought I was really excited about this but not really, no), all kinds of foods, and traffic(!!!).  Can’t say anything new about Jakarta. Most Indonesians will directly picture extremely humid-hot city, lots of traffic, expensive living, long walks and waiting, tall buildings and extreme life. I was too exhausted to do mall-sightseeing. Surprisingly, I got sick of malls and malls’ foods. I didn’t even care of how I looked like! (this is something quite new about me, since I always care about how I look) Gulped and yelped when I saw Zara store at Plaza Senayan cause I’ve been wanting a good, decent blazer but my inner strength told me not to step in. So I just walked, (not) so strong and frugal. Then I watched The Cabin In The Woods (2011) with some friends, ate Burger King (which I personally say it’s overrated), and went to Plaza Semanggi’s sky dining. And home. And ate some more foods. And snacked some more. And slept. My life is awesome cause it contains endless interactions with foods. K.

If “shocking” is strong enough to describe something wow but rather in negative way, I’ll give it to Jakarta. Life in Jakarta consists of wasting money and wasting some more. I might need to learn economics 101 to understand how Jakartans live their life by paying more than people who live in other cities. Everything is more expensive in Jakarta. People pay much for foods, transportation, lifestyle. The only means of entertainment they have is shopping centres. High-paced life, high competition, high demands. Etcetera. Etcetera. Life in Jakarta is quite stressful… But I saw many cute guys there, so….. 

Now Cabin In The Woods (2011).


The Cabin In The Woods (2011)

I saw some people’s I follow on twitter talked about this film in such excitement, so I decided to watch it with my friends. Up until now I don’t know how do I feel toward this film. I’m torn between like and hate. So I might just go with 3 stars out of 5 for this film.

  • I like the idea of this film

When I googled spoilers (YES I LOVE SPOILERS) for this film, it says that its genre is comedy-horror? Couldn’t imagine what comedy-horror was like, so I just pictured Scary Movies just to prepare myself from expecting too much of this film. If you haven’t watched The Cabin In The Woods (2011) and hating spoilers, I’m sorry cause I will just type whatever crosses my mind about the film. Don’t worry though, I might have the memory of a squirrel so I won’t describe the film in details.
For me, this film is like The Village (2004) meets Scary Movies. It delivers urban legend/mythological story in modern way. I was kind of thinking this would be like all Scream trilogy with some witty jokes in it, but it’s not. It tells about the life of 5 different people: 3 guys, 2 girls, having a vacation in an old cabin inside a forest. There were some half-porn scenes (O God please forgive me cause I always talk about porn in my reviews), but it’s nothing actually; it’s added to complete the story, that’s all.  —(OKAY I AM FREAKING OUT CAUSE I’M HEARING NOISES AND IT’S 2 AM)— *clears throat* Ahem. So, okay, I like the idea of this film because it’s more than just a mere thriller/horror film. It adds something new, like combining classic tale of human sacrifices in modern concept: human puppeteering. There was some organization who works to ‘provide’ humans’ lives to feed the ancient gods. This organization used modern method, choosing their group of victims selectively. The group must consist 5 kind of people: The Whore, The Athlete, The Scholar, The Fool, and The Virgin. These people’s bloods or soul or whatever from them, must be sacrificed to the ancient gods to stop the gods from destroying world and life. I can’t go into details cause I already forget the story lines, but over all it’s quite entertaining. Some lines are funny, but not that funny. Fran Kranz is funny, and Chris Hemsworth is hot as the core of the sun. Ugh.

  • I hate the ending

When I saw the ending I just wanted to shout “I don’t get it” loudly and shuddered. It was too “meh”, I just can’t describe how “meh” it was.


I bought Virginia Woolf’s The Waves! Can’t wait to read it (after finishing my long list of reading). And, by the way, I have sudden urge of buying Doc Martens boots; or any kinds of boots, actually. What do you think? Is it comfortable to walk in boots in such hot-weathered place like Indonesia?

Sorry for ending this post in such un-interesting way. Right now I am hungry but I have no guts in getting out of my room, plus I’m quite sleepy.

Thank you for putting up with me + reading my posts. Leave your comments, say hi to me, or whatever you want to do on comment sections.

Have a great day ahead of you!

– Puspa

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