Random quick update via a borrowed Galaxy Tab

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, all of y blog’s beloved readers.
Im updating from my father’s Galaxy Tab. And as im quite unfamiliar with touch screened gadgets, i hope you can understand if there might be some errors, mistype, or words without proper hypens etc you name it.
I have been quite busy lately, and yes of course many things have happened. Glad im still alive, though. “you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.” not trying to Oprah you, though. Im just telling yiu the truth. Simple truth we often forget to thank for. Being alive, breathing and kicking (metaphorically ok?)

I almost reach mydestination but imstill typingthe introductorypqrt, how lame.

Blahblahblah, whatever. I will be blogging more late, posting my thoughts about music and my lqtest obsession to beauty products. I promise next posts will be fqr more interestingthan witnessing what my groggy fingers contribute to this abstract post.

Ok i.ll see you soon!


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