I don’t normally feel this, but..

I evaluate many things lately. As in thinking what I really want/need to do in life. What to accomplish? Live happily? But how do we define live happily itself, though? Is it by having much money to get the things we want? Not trying to be a saint but yes, I agree most of us want much money. But another question worth pondering will be, what do we really want, actually?

I always pictured myself having silly poses in front of U.S Liberty Statue. Being a scholar. Visit Princeton, Harvard Univs. Getting myself a Harvard sweater/hoodie, even though not becoming its student (lol). Sometimes you have so many wishes, you end up getting confused which path to take/to be serious with. As I read somewhere, you’d like to picture the things you want the most in life, when your heart beats fast every time you think about it. Now I’m thinking about it. Thinking about it so hard. It has become one of my ~ambitious~ dreams to work overseas. To see more of the world, taking great opportunities to get as much knowledge as possible, then return home bringing something to share/offering help for people around.

After identifying WHAT I want, next question will be HOW to achieve it. There are 2 point of views in dealing with the question “how”. (1) Deciding the career path I want to take, as in specific career I want to have. (2) Trying to fulfill the needed requirements of the chosen work path.

I might have found some types of career I want to do in near future. I’m just not really sure of it. There are many things to consider. Most of them are personal. Should I worry about it now? I don’t think so. Now’s the time to deal with what I really want, rather than pleasing others’ expectations over me.

Why would you try to please others’ expectations over you, when they don’t want to be responsible for your happiness?

Don’t cry when others’ disappoint you; or leave you when you’re lost. Don’t over-expect or count too much on others. Count on yourself. Be yourself. Embrace and value the real you. Love others who appreciate what’s in you and accept you just the way you are.

Fight for the things you really want.

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they’ve planned for you? NOT MUCH.”


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