I’ve had a bad week

This must work. I am trying to put a piece of my mind here and it must work. No, don’t distract me, Dexter. I am not going to watch you until I’m done with my writing here.

Okay what will I talk about here? Few hours ago I was thinking of something worth writing but now it disappears. Darn.

I had a bad week. We had long weekend here but it didn’t seem to bring enough joy in my life. It was stressful. People got angry at each other, I got my period cramps + was mad at someone, low on cash (while I still have the urge to shop), and I got a severe back-ache (maybe it was caused by my period cramps?). At times like that I usually lock myself in my room, refuse to get out until I feel like getting out — usually when I need to eat/pee — watch lots of films until I exhaust my eyes/overthinking some scenes of the films, eat A LOT, and hanging out alone.

There is something relieving about hanging out by yourself when you’re in bad mood. For me I always enjoy my trip, wherever I go. I get to see things, know people, see them. I love riding Batik Solo Trans around Solo and private taxi trips to some places in Solo (I might blog about my favourite destinations in Solo and how to reach it via buses/taxis soon cause I’m helpful like that).

— I just cleaned up my laptop pad with baby wipes, in a hope it smells and looks better —

Last week I visited one of my lecturers to discuss a book, she happened to be one of my thesis examiners and told me to come over to her house. I reached her house 15 minutes earlier than our appointment time and I spent the idle time by prank calling my friend and suddenly she came. I sat in front of her house’s gate idly looking like a loon who was busy with her phone (I am not trying to make a poem here). We were discussing a book, how to conduct proper American studies research with proper research methodology and some sort. She told me how crazy to study in the US and how many books she had to read in finishing her PhD. It was 300ish books. 300 BOOKS ABOUT AMERICAN STUDIES OH WOW. We also talked about how to differ American Studies research and those non-American studies ones. One has to set a clear theoretical studies as a boundary and to define the research. Blahblahblah. Ask me directly when you feel interested about this subject.

Ooohh.. I have long list I want to shop.

– More shoes
– Formal shirts
– Pantsuits
– Some statement necklaces and rings
– Anything to make myself look less like a hobo

Ok that’s all. Au revoir!


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