Heyyy, finally I blog!

Last May 4th was my birthday, and it was a sweet birthday for me cause some special friends gave me surprise. Thanks for Teppy for delivering me chocolate cake, making my ideal birthday-with-cake-wish comes true. I love her. Not because of the cake, ok. But because of her patience and kind thoughts for me, and for teaching me one two things about life. I am thankful for great friends around me.

Now I should be working on revision, reading/finding a book about research methodology but I couldn’t stop dicking around instead. Life has been amazing for me. I am not complaining. Some shitty things happened, alright. But I am thankful to be given opportunity to live my life, my way. God has been kind to me. I feel better. I do more things this year. I love myself more (not in some narcissistic way, I promise).

I feel funny right now, honestly. I don’t feel like capable of producing any good-sounding words, or beautifully written ones. Seriously need to re-read books. I haven’t even touched my Kafka on The Shore. I will resume reading for few hours right after finishing this post, I swear. Ooh, by the way, I’ve been crazy about shoes! I bought these cute heels with big bow and I feel like one of the girls in The Notebook. Ok, silly but whatthefreakever. I look good, I’m going to torture myself by walking in it somewhere later. Cause, you know, beauty is pain or some shit like that.

Hmmm what else is new with me hmmh..

This is funny but me and a friend feel that we’re smarter after getting ourselves out of college. We get to know more, learn even more things, read more books, etc. I myself feel the same. I don’t even think the basic knowledge I learned during my college years contribute something to my life, as of now. I learn things through internet. Everything.

~~~ I’m listening to Pitbull’s Calle Ocho, it reminds me of Lanvin’s commercial where the models dance in awkward moves ~~~

Speaking of fashion world,
My father told me that Indonesia will be acknowledging intellectual property rights where people CANNOT buy/wear unauthentic designer stuffs, like handbags, watch, any designer products. CANNOT. I have this one unauthentic Louis Vuitton bag that I love so much cause I adore its monogram classic print, and I’m afraid I cannot wear it any longer if the government endorses the law/regulation. I cannot afford authentic LV bag since it costs $900 HAHAHA I AM SILENTLY MENTALLY WEEPING IN THE CORNER OF MY DARK ROOM WHILST STARING AT THE MAGICAL WORLD OF LOUIS VUITTON.


Ok I should really go right now before I go mental.


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