Hi. Again. Omg I just sneezed two times after drinking cold Teh Botol Sosro in THIS HOT NIGHT this weather is getting ridiculous. Wow, that wasn’t a good opening sentence, was it?

Since I’m a lazy ass blogger so I can write whatever I want, and refuse to talk about serious topics. I just want to put piece of my thoughts here. You know the latest trend where most female Muslims in Indonesia cover their heads with veil in more modern style, known as hijab? They look posh, trendy, modern, stylish, etc. Well, they are.

You can click this link for further visual information about latest hijab trend which I’m talking about~~~

What do you think?

Pretty? Yes, suree. Some of them look pretty. But when you see the real life application of those feminin-yet-sophisticated hijab style, you might be  bit disappointed though. Not all people look good in that style.  Care to read what I think about it?
Here we go:

  • It looks messy. As in, it does not look formal. Some people might claim it depends on the person’s personality and there will be some ~modern~ ways to accessorize it and all. But still, it does not look formal.
  • The weather is hot here. And this modern hijab style requires us to wear and wrap our heads in such fashion that might make us dizzy in the end. Seriously though. Don’t get me started with “Ada kok kain yang adem..” No. You need to wrap that “kain yang adem” around your head for few times and put soooooo many needles so your hijab won’t be blown by the wind / to keep it neat on your precious head. Too much efforts, bro.
  • It’s totally wearable when you live by strolling around air-conditioned places. One cannot simply walk around Pasar Gede under the heat. But, if you can walk here there everywhere with umbrella ella ella, I think you’ll survive.
  • Idk, it seems more expensive than the classic hijab style? Because more people are getting consumed to collect more shawls with more varied colors and accessorize it. And when I say accessorize, it does not merely mean the pins and all, but one’s fashion style, as a whole. Once you are committed to be a modern hijaber, you’ll be attracted to dress like people with more successful styles. Say, to dress in the same manner as them. Getting / buying high heels, cute wedges, cool outfits, make up, etc. I might be subjective over this matter but correct me if I’m wrong, I’m speaking on behalf of human’s lust and women’s obsession to be pretty.
  • I think that’s all? He he he

I agree that some people look amazingly good with modern hijab style, but not all people do. I have faced that phase, where I want to wrap my head with comfortable cotton shawl which some of you claim “adem”, but I gave up even before stepping my majestic feet out of my house. I think modern hijab style is just not for me, based on aforementioned points.  Besides, fashion is not always following what’s hot. Fashion for me is more like how you deliver your personality through your style.

I just want to wear jeans and leather jacket and cool boots / high heeled shoes. And suits. Ok why am I listing my wishlist here?



2 Responses to “Mehhhhhhhh”

  1. dinie Says:

    muahuahuahaua :p

    Me too pus. I am not a hipster who seems to be always up to date on every fashion.

    I agree deh pus with you. Fashion is how we deliver personality through style. Fashion is my passion.

  2. dinie Says:

    Reblogged this on thekupu and commented:
    Some of what she said are on my mind muehuehe

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