Take You on a Cruise

Oh hi all.

This song has become one of my favourite songs of Interpol. When it comes to waking up the dying spirit and releasing anger, I am trusting post-punk bands to translate what I really feel. Ya I’m not the kind of person who likes analysing bands / music in such details but I think Interpol is somewhat underrated. Not many people know them; maybe because this band has more complex lyrics compared to major label bands with explicit message. I personally love Interpol after listening to Evil and Rest My Chemistry. Some friends kept posting Interpol’s Slow Hands so I googled about them and downloaded their two albums, Antics and Our Love To Admire. Ugh, Paul Banks’ deep vocal makes me fall in love, instantly, with this band.

I see that you’ve come to resist me,
I’m a pitbull in time.. 


One Response to “Take You on a Cruise”



    Mesthi iki anggotane polisi kabeh? nah, loh! hahaha.
    Aku njaluk albume, pus. drpd aku ndadak dondot dewe…

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