Sadness is a blessing

If you’re a fan of Lykke Li, you will be familiar with the title of my post this time. But no, I’m not going to talk about Lykke Li.  I want to rant about how sadness does some good to my life. Well, maybe a few. Who does like being sad, seriously. (Btw I’m blasting Interpol and listening to Paul Banks’ singing + coffee gives me more opportunity to talk senseless words; or, even stupid words. So sorry if today’s post is not really that  sad.)

If you are given opportunity to list happy things and sad things, damn sure you’ll write more sad things on to your list, than happy ones. This happens cause most people are ungrateful creatures (note this: I was about to write pieces of poops but that will confirm how insensitive I am right?). Not that I am included as one of the good people who like listing happy things and be grateful, though. I complain. A lot. But then there are some times that our super brains can’t function but to whine and mourn on sad moments happening to us. And when other people remind us to be more grateful and just accept the sadness as it is, we complain and the magic words come out: “You don’t know how ~I~ FEEL!!!!!” or, “You’re not stepping on my shoes (or whatever you get the sense).” The thing is, each of us faces the same situation, and *drumrolls* SURVIVE.

When you feel sad, there is no way to escape. Pretending that you’re ok seems useless. Cause eventually you’ll feel the same emptiness, same sadness. Making yourself busy seems the only possible escape you can do. Yeah I’m doing it too. Somehow after getting things done in your life, you get the sense of accomplishment. When you meet random people during your routine trip and you make them smile, there is slight happiness that might make you forget your sadness.

Wah, this post is too much for a broken-hearted girl like me. I just want to let you know, whoever you are who feels sadness at present, hang in there. It won’t be long. Feeling sad is life’s way to teach you to be strong. Cry if you have to. Laugh at it with your loved ones when you’re done feeling sad. Life is hard already, don’t make it more difficult.


3 Responses to “Sadness is a blessing”

  1. passionfortruths Says:

    That is the dualistic nature of Earth. Blessed is the person who understands that there is a balance in life. Courage can truly be discovered during sad times! Great post!

  2. dinie Says:

    yoowh, so rite.. today’s sadness is a pending happiness..

  3. sifaconcetta Says:

    so true mbak! 😀 menyibukkan diri adalah solusi paling oke biar gak sedih terus.. hehe

    but I think, sometimes I;m too good at pretending as if I’m okay :p hehe

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