dear virtual diary…

Sorry for being to be both lazy and busy to write things here. What my activities are lately you ask? Ah it’s just going to campus-home back and forth. Teaching. And ohh, I learn swimming too! It is hard. I’m old, and I kept gulping some water from the pool. And I learned how to float, which is quite risky if I do it in panic, cause big chance I will get drown. Swimming makes me working out all parts of my body. Hands, feet, butts, head. I got muscle pains and slept for 2 days straight which caused my mother’s anger (I don’t need to describe how mothers release their anger, right?). Nonetheless, swimming is fun (god, I’m terrible at conjunction). I also resume my reading activity, now with The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and occasionally re-reading The Bell Jar just to find some bitter quotes for the sake of self-reflection.

Life is okay. I don’t intend to spill my love life story here but I feel better than last year? We always try to work things out. I tweet a lot. Mostly to talk to friends I barely have the chance to meet. Sometimes I feel mediocre by participating in the world’s mass destruction for talking too much without thinking further. Tweeting indulges my whiny self at some points. Let’s not get into social media criticism post shall we?

I didn’t really follow the Presidential campaign in US, but I read an article showing how Republican candidates talked about sex far too much on their caucus campaign. It was weird. I didn’t watch when Obama addressed his SOTU plan due to electricity blackout. I was trying to find internet access to print my work at that time, by the way. Ran to the town to find internet cafe and paid for an hour internet access just to SLEEP in the internet booth. I had lack of sleep lately. You know, nightmares and weird dreams. Falling asleep during trips becomes the part of my life, as of late. But I’m trying to establish 8-hours-sleep habit at night to balance my life. Kind of difficult at once, cause I always wake myself up in the middle of the night.

Well. Nothing much happen, though. So I guess that’s all. I will start my so-called intellectual musings* soon, so you’d better stay tune 🙂

*lol at ‘intellectual musing


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