I just have to write these somewhere

I don’t know what happen to me, but today people annoy the hell out of me. I’ll just have to write these things somewhere, cause apparently my memory is losing name database to contact / just to talk things out.

You might want to know that I’m under menstrual cramps + caffeine effect so my words might not make sense or some shits like that.

I have smartphone. By having smartphone, I have the ease of access in grasping the world’s news through my (not-so-smooth-and-wrinkly) hands. I have some apps connecting me to the world’s updates. Starting from serious news like what is happening there with Republican presidential campaign to trivial ones like what certain people are up to at certain moments.

You see, since the invention of facebook (YES BRO, I HAVE TO BLAME YOU AGAIN), people start opening themselves, sharing what’s in their minds and communicating with others. Why do we have to blame facebook again, ladies and gentlemen? Because its development, has inspired some similar social networking sites, trying to stimulate people’s minds to TALK and TALK.

(brb I need to shower. I smell like cat in trash bin)

Back. I smell better now. You can sniff (from afar).

Twitter was found around 2006/2007. I forget exactly when facebook was found. But I bet it’s before Twitter? So it’s still valid to blame facebook. By the invention of “What are you doing?” and “What’s in your mind” through STATUS UPDATES, some social sites adapt this feature with their words. People were not so creative at first. They rarely updated their status updates on facebook. Maybe they just wrote “First time using facebook.” or itsy bitsy things about their daily routines. Now people modify status updates or their tweets with whatever things happening around them and/or their lives. “Sup I’m pooping.” is common. Couples arguing, attacking each other through tweets / facebook’s status updates. People giving silly comments etc etc. BAM! Trivialities.

Ok I’m doing it too, sometimes. I whine, I bitch about life quite often through social sites, but I still have boundaries. I know when to stop. I can differentiate which one sounds alright to share, which one sounds dumb. “Why Indonesians would want to buy spring/summer or fall/winter clothes, while in fact we only have 2 seasons?” Simple answer, broski: because they flipping want to! I can sense that the person who said that might not understand fashion industry where actually some seasonal collections are wearable here. The sentence, however, might sound different when that snobby person said “I wonder how and why would people wear seasonal collections like spring/summer or fall/winter?” I don’t know maybe it’s just me. (Or I’d still blame the person anyway since I’m under hormonal emotion/stress.).

Going to the next example: “Why do we have to be afraid of rain? Can you imagine those people in Africa?” HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM brother, if the rain has some Zeus-made thunders, won’t you be afraid as well??????????????????????????? Oh God I am going nuts. Hyperbolically speaking, I am mentally weeping for humanity. Ok the people in Africa are poor. They are in need of clean water, good foods etc (as of why people relate Africa with poverty, I will discuss in next paragraph/s). But comparing people’s fear AT PRESENT of the strikes of lightning or thunders is not wise. People are afraid of thunders/scary things, generally. It is not merely the rain that we are afraid of. But also what it causes and what it brings. (Again, I might still blame the person anyway, since I’m in bitchy mood? Ho Ho Ho)

Now about Africa.

Why people always relate poverty to Africa despite its rich natural resources? Why it is always reported that they need clean water, good foods, more education about how to level up their lives?

You can read by yourself here, but to sum up, I will retell it with my limited use of language. African people are living under world’s most living standards because they are crippled by tribal conflicts, usually about the disputes over cattle or land ownership. Tribal war/conflicts put them into poverty. You know right when one nation declares war, all they think about is how to win it? Focusing on how to achieve their goals instead of thinking about the welfare of the people? Well at least that’s what I think about war, I get it from the films I watched. He-he.
War is not the only factor causing their poverty state of living, though. There are also colonialism (which only absorbs Africa’s geographical wealth and damage the people’s psychological condition) and corruption. It is said that colonialism in Africa only benefits the colonizer and leave people who aim to rebuild the facilities there some difficulties in engaging with African people. When Africans are asked what they need, they might stare in blank because they don’t know what they need, basically. They’re getting used to with colonizer absorbing their rich land, and being let to enjoy  what is left for them. There are many sources you can read about Africa, so you can find it more by yourself. And as my spirit animal Sylvia Plath wisely put, “I am horribly limited.” in everything, explaining and putting my thoughts in such interesting order.

WOAH I spent more than 2 hours composing this post! I feel accomplished.

Words are easy, talking is cheap. I must learn how to use social sites wisely. I don’t want to get dictated by those people I don’t even know, yapping about the things they don’t even understand (completely).

I hope I sound sane enough to you right now. Blogging for more than 2 hours exhaust me.

Au revoir!


One Response to “I just have to write these somewhere”

  1. Ferrial Pondrafi Says:

    i don’t remember exactly what was my first status.. ‘test’ or ‘first try’ maybe. lol
    well, composing words into written text is relieving sometimes. 🙂

    and about the topic above, what i get is: it’s talking bout annoying people on social network who are updating unnecessary status, or showing off something. am i right?? well, kind of people like that are exist. they sometimes ruin our mood and we can’t force them not to do so. LOL
    but fortunately, we can avoid it. :))

    cheers up sista. gud luck and happy new year. best wishes for you in this year:)

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