01:07 AM

  • This is a random post
  • It’s veryyyy late at night but I’m listening to Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. I’m cool like that. No ciggs / beer though. So I’m not that badass.
  • Idk why I feel like blogging without any clear points to share
  • I miss debating and traveling and meet new people
  • Start going out by myself, not depending on anyone. It feels good. I always find new things to learn each day.
  • I should start listening to more hip hop + post punk + alternative rock again, because……. It suppresses the amount of stress I have. It’s true though. Too bad I can’t play any instruments. It’d be cool if I could play electric guitar cause I could imagine me being Paul Banks’ / Alex Turner’s girlfriend (uh… lol?)
  • Listening to music from headphones > listening to music in normal way
    WHY? Cause you can focus more on what you are doing, and the music itself. High chance of being deaf and socially inept, though. But, no pain no gain. Listening to music through headphones / earpiece sometimes makes you look suave. Cool points +100.
  • I lately get my old self back. This is a delightful thing to realise. I don;t mind being alone most of the times. Well, sometimes I get so lonely. But I always have some friends to share things with, eventually.
  • I thought I’ve promised to sleep earlier / in normal hours?????????? Ooopssss
  • I think I should sleep now cause I have lots things to do tomorrow. Good night, Narnia.

This post is finished at 1:42 AM


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