past and present

Alrighty, it’s been a very long time since I ditched this blog and stop doing intellectual activity. Saturday night supposed to be a fun time where you can hang out with beloved people in your life, family, partners, friends. But I spent my bleak Saturday night by reading and sulking in the dark. I felt quite awful in the morning; I couldn’t function my brain properly to think any decent things to lift my mood. Then I decided to continue reading The Yellow Wallpaper and editing my works, but it didn’t last long. I felt weak and slept, and woke up at 9ish PM, watching Fanny and Alexander (1982), talking to people who IMed me, and did a quite unusual thing just now.

I went through all my friendster testimonials, read them, and drown in nostalgia. If you live in European countries or US, you might not know what friendster is. This site was popular among Asian-Asia Pacific youngsters since 2003-2004(?) yet it has to face its doom since the raising popularity of facebook. Yea, facebook single-handedly takes over internet and marks as its kingdom (bravo, Zuckerberg). Friendster operated simpler than facebook. If in facebook you can tag people in photos, videos, even through textual comments like status updates or wall posts; in friendster (when I say friendster here, it’s the beginning years of friendster) you could not do it. You simply just post comments/testimonies on people’s profiles, post notes/blog entries, or upload pictures. You couldn’t even comment on people’s status updates on friendster. But since friendster has been bought by Malaysian corporate (it’s called MOL but idk what it stands for, you can google friendster history by yourself, right? Righttt…) friendster has enabled its users to tag, post more things, even to chat a la facebook. Clearly, friendster tries to catch what it could not do by adapting facebook’s features.

Ok sorry for the length of the introductory part.

My point is that, I seemed so happy in my past, regardless how heavy my life burden could be. This conclusion I got from viewing my friends’ comments on testimony box from my fs profile. I laughed at my own misfortunes, shared crazy embarrassing stories with college friends, post useless comments, etc.

You have witnessed how facebook or any overabuse usage of social sites will eventually ruin your life, right? People stalking through other’s wall pages, status updates comments, or throw conflict-inducing comments. Ex lovers stalk his/her happy exes, get emotionally unbalanced and jealous, unfriend one another etc. Reading through friends’ feeds: some people whining about weather, absence of edible food, pimples on their faces, silly activities others’ do, bragging about great vacation they have, how they live happy with their partners, etc. Depressing, depressing, depressing; annoying, blah blah, blah…

I dare to say I hadn’t experienced such things when I had my friendster. Ok I’m not a saint, maybe I had something, any annoying moments with it, but I can’t seem to remember any. Compared to facebook, facebook has 90% success rate in installing emotional disease in me. I don’t know how about you, but this is pure what I feel. I remember every annoying thing I read on facebook, which gives me a little traumatic feeling everytime I need/want to connect to people via that site.

What I’m trying to say is, life has almost lost its simplicity; whilst simplicity is needed as one of happiness ingredients.

Simple usage of old social sites did not give us permission to access things that aren’t in our authority. We could not track back people’s comments, could not comment status updates with conflict-inducing words, we could not tag irrelevant-embarrassing photos/videos of our colleagues, we could not gossip by pointing directly the people via wall posts. Everything was limited. People could only comment, upload photos, submit notes/blog posts, update their shout outs, and that’s all I guess. In the past, social sites limit people’s  curiosities. People could not trespass others’ private lives so they shut. Ok I sound like defending friendster, but that’s not what I’m trying to say. I just want to underline the simplicity here, where people could only access what they need instead of what they want to know. Well, maybe friendster at that time had not invented what facebook is having, but that was a great time, we had internet life balanced with social life.

Maybe I’m not representative enough in giving facebook vs friendster as analogy of life in present vs. past, but at least this is what I can do. I used to be a happy kid by not knowing what certain people specifically do. This does not mean I don’t care of what people are going through, of course. But life is great when things are simple, right? The time when we do not need to know in specific details what people have in their lives. Now most times, people tend to seek attentions rather than informing others through social sites. Internet and real life have become two inseparable things people access these days. This, of course, shape people characteristics. Influence some life aspects of their lives.

I spent great time in re-reading my friends’ comments on my friendster page. “If I could turn back time..” is indeed a cliche saying and I’m not wishing I could do it. I just want to bring the old, happy me to my present life.


6 Responses to “past and present”

  1. kiddo hahaha Says:

    it’s a nice thought actually. Some are well pointed (like the depressing parts). but social sites can cause emotional disease? that doesnt work for me. Well, i dont wanna get a free negative energy transfer from those wishy washy status so i just read it n hate it n ignore it 😀

    for simplicity, sometimes simple means outdated. Sophistication means present. Time goes by, people change, n wat they need change also. They demand it. So i think right now, what’s accessible in the sites are of people’s demand. Ask MOL why they adopt fb-ish stuff 😀

    • Puspa Says:

      To my defense, I have several points to reason (argue would be too harsh etc)
      1. It’s from what I have experienced
      2. Facebook evolves as this complicated because yes, it is based on people’s demands. But what kind of demand? Do people actually need it? Since I recall, friendster supplied people’s demands in communicating to the ‘lost friends’ simply by the presence of commenting (only). This simplicity served by old friendster was enough in making people from old friendster generation such as me, happy.
      Let us see why people migrate from fs to fb.. It’s challenging. People want it. It gives something new, which later on influence emotional state of fragile people like me. Sigh.
      I will not say fb depress all people. But I read some interesting -scientific- journals (so stupid I forget to bookmark it) that going through people’s updates can possibly depress us, or, influence our emotional state. Good for you, you have better emotional defense mechanism, kiddo.
      As why friendster tries to adopt facebook features, it is because it wants to regain its masses.
      Anyway thank you for reading my post promptly!! 🙂 I miss our discussions and CULINARY travels!! 😀 😀

  2. kiddo hahaha Says:

    on that point ma’am! *nuedc practice mode*

    1. Yes so this was kinda subjectiv n may differ to one another

    2. So basically again n again its rather subjective. Demand is not wat ppl need. They just want it. They thrive for it. Ppl changed. They grow more n more curious n ask 4 more interaction option. That’s why this ‘new generation’ ppl is different frm u who loves simplicity

  3. kiddo hahaha Says:

    komen ku pedot! Kurang ajaaaar!

  4. erdeaka Says:

    well, i just agree…

  5. lakilakibaikbaiklaki Says:

    mbak, boleh minta alamat friendsternya 😀

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