This is a bit abnormal. I start to get obsessed with books I have. I collect them all, and re-reading my fave lines. I should start my book-review project in this blog soon. Almost finish Fight Club and To Kill A Mockingbird (so I might start reviewing those two books); and yes, I neglect my plan to finish War and Peace. Sigh. I even plan to buy some books soon. I feel like I need to buy lots of books, before using my money for other purposes (which might be more important). This idea sounds crazy even for myself, since my financial condition does not support me.

Sigh. Again.


3 Responses to “Bibliophile”

  1. bookslist Says:

    haha I’m also obsessed with the books I buy… I guess I just don’t want to feel that I bought them for no reason. 🙂

  2. crazypurple Says:

    you weirdo, hehehe

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