Originality, un-originality

The word “originality” quite annoys me lately. People often use it as a way to mock me by saying how not creative I am. The accusation of being not original might be followed by sentence, “Try to be more original.”, or “You are pathetic, you are trying too hard to be someone else.”

Somehow I think people who claim to be original are those who do not understand understand the core of their existence. People survive by imitating their forefathers or those who were born before us. We learn how to live from our parents; whilst our parents got that from grandfathers, grandfathers learn how to preserve their lives from our great great grandfathers!

“Originality is nothing but judicious imitation.” –Voltaire

Please, if you ever see yourself as an original person, tell me how you do it. Tell me how you can resist not to mimic others’ features. We are raised based on other people’s expectations to us. We carry what people expect us to be. We are designed by our society!

“Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I’ve ever known.” — Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

When you create something in your mind, you cannot make it out of nothing. Everything comes up from the basic ideas that people before you might have. When you were born, parents and people around you would feed you with their ideas of life; and as the next generation you are ‘designed’ to inherit those thoughts and society’s expectations on you. We are the imitation of people before us. We imitate to survive and continue our lives. We can’t resist to imitate people’s features. We carry what people around us expect us to be. We are not original.



2 Responses to “Originality, un-originality”

  1. Koala Says:

    hi.. hehehe well, ahahahaha… well, im speechless reading your blog,..
    im, then, very curious about rdak’s blog, will she have the same “life-picturing-thoughts” to us? hihihihi..

    we have a similar basic idea about “abstract questions”.. very interesting!
    hmm… keep being odd-girls who talk about something people dont understand hahahahaha… fabulous… crazy, insane (hey, im picturing myself hahahaha)

  2. crazypurple Says:

    ape tuh madam jackie komentar ga jelas??? hehehehe See? I’m a thinker and I’m a serious one. watch me out, madam!!!

    eh, segala sesuatu itu emang udah ga ada yg original. karena menurutku udah “menurun” ke orang2 lain dan “diturunkan” ke orang2 yg lain pula… ehehehhe

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