Things to ponder

  • If you live in a place with good weather, without hardcore rain or disasters, be thankful
  • If you have enough food to eat, and shelter to comfort you, be thankful
  • If you still have parents who protect you, friends who care about you, be thankful. Value them.
  • If you are now comfortably accessing internet from your houses, be thankful
  • If you still breathe until today and healthy, be thankful


  • Some of you might sleep on the streets because disaster hit the place they live in
  • Some of you don’t even think of how to clean themselves or will they be fine living on the streets, as long as they still live
  • Some of you might cry their hearts out because they lose their parents right now
  • Some of you might not know what internet is, because they are too busy to continue living their lives and to survive
  • Some you might in dire needs of medications, but they have to wait for other people’s aid

Disasters hit several places in Indonesia right now. We can feel earthquakes at any minutes, or volcano eruptions. Yesterday I saw hundreds of people live in our local district mayor’s office (idk what’s the proper term to name local government’s office). They are homeless. Their houses were destroyed by Mt. Merapi volcanic eruptions; and worse, they don;t know when they can have their houses/shelters back.

I hope I can value my life better after seeing this phenomenon. I might not have everything I want, but thank God right now I have everything I need.


4 Responses to “Things to ponder”

  1. W J Corbett Says:

    Thank you for sharing your insight today. We,mostly,do not think of the advantages of our present life until taken away. I pray for the healing of your country and all those that have become ensnared in any way.

    God Bless!

    • Puspa Says:

      Thank you, thank you very much for spending your times to give your heartwarming comment. I myself hope for the same thing too..
      Once again, thank you 🙂

      – Puspa

  2. Ferrial Pondrafi Says:

    thanks sist for reminding me..


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