I had terrible craving of mango juice last night, and now I just sipped a glass of my mid-day cold mango juice and it tastes relieving-ly yummy. Hehehehe. I got that craving cause my friend kept talking about mango smoothie and I drooled, salivating; making my laptop wet. I was kidding. I’m not that gross.

Two days ago my friends asked me to be debating adjudicator. So I happened to be single adjudicator for 8 matches. Worse, the night before I couldn’t sleep and in the 1st day of the debating tournament I kept saying “goddamn”, “shit” and stuffs. I almost fell asleep during the 4th match. Thank God the committee understood me and provided me some snacks. Hehehehe.  It was because of the goddamn sound of vuvuzela. My brother watched the match in 3 am, and it woke me up. I felt like I wanted to bash the television into pieces, but I was too dizzy to do it. So I just laid back and kept swearing.

The debating matches went great. I felt alive, and got my old excitement back. It’s just in the 2nd day, I suddenly became anxious of something not particular. Easily distracted during the verbal adjudication session, and still didn’t know why; until the closing ceremony and my Dad picked me up.

Something bothers my mind now. I can’t even tell anyone, cause lately I think words are useless. The more I talk about what I feel, the more meaningless my words are. The thing is, I’m bored being sad, helpless and do-nothing kid. I’m craving exciting life. Therefore I’ll manage myself to get it.

I’m about to watch E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)! Wheeeeee!!

There was little Drew Barrymore in this movie! I’m gonna watch this movie soon, make screencaps and post it here and my flickr.

Songs currently on repeat:

+ Tornado – Jónsi
+ Kolnidur – Jónsi
+ I Can Feel A Hot OneManchester Orchestra
+ Dog Days Are Over Florence + The Machine


P.S: I wish I could speak Spanish and Icelandic


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